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ZM-Montag Ltd

The core activities of ZM-Montag Ltd. include assemblage and welding of steel construction, main pipelines, industrial plants and reservoirs.

The company has 800 employees, out of which 300 are employed in Croatia and 350 abroad (Germany, Czech Republic, Great Britain, Russia etc.).


The company employs 300 certified welders that are trained to perform all conventional welding procedures: REL (111), MAG (135) and (136), UP (121), 4 EWE engineers, 2 EWT technologists and 2 EWS specialists. ZM-Montag Ltd. has its own welding school that trains and certifies, according to European standards, welders within Zagreb Montaža Group.


ZM-Montag Ltd. is not just a classic assemblage company, but is also capable of executing facilities according to the "turn-key" system. Since March 2008 ZM-Montag Ltd. has Croatian I. category license for constructing buildings that are in level I. demanding group, issued by Croatian Ministry of Construction and Physical Planning.


Since May 2011 – “Authorization for performing construction activities such as: executing works on facilities in oil and gas industry (oil pipelines, gas pipelines) – mechanical engineering domain”, issued by Federal Ministry of Physical Planning of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

ZM-Montag Ltd. is a company specialized for facility construction according to the "turn-key" system.


Core activities:


  • Industrial plant construction
  • Refinery and petrochemical plant construction
  • Thermal energy plant assemblage, boilers up to 120 MW, combi blocks and hot water boilers
  • Waste incineration plant construction
  • Water purification plant construction (mechanical and biological purification)
  • Electric and fabric filter assemblage
  • High pressure main gas pipeline assemblage
  • Cement plant assemblage
  • Steel construction assemblage
  • Process pipelines made of alloyed materials P91; P92; assemblage)
  • High furnace assemblage
  • Oil and gas reservoir assemblage
  • Bridge assemblage
  • Sewage lifting station and water supply line construction

Quality management

DIN 18800-7
Klasa E

Certifikat za izvođenje zavarivačkih radova na čeličnim konstrukcijama
AD-2000 Merkblatt HP 0, TRD 201 Gashochdruckverordnung
Nadzor zavarivanja – IWI, EWE, EWT, IWP
Kontrolori – osposobljeni za provođenje vizualne kontrole zavarenih spojeva i penetrantsko ispitivanje zavarenih spojeva
ZM-MONTAG d.o.o.
Slavonska avenija 20
10000 Zagreb

tel. +385 (0)1 5557 400
fax. +385 (0)1 5557 401

Branch offices
ZM-Montag Njemačka
Börnestr. 7
40211 Düsseldorf
tel. +49 211 172 040
fax. +49 211 172 040
Direktor: Ivan Peteržilnik
ZM-Montag Slovenija
Efenkova cesta 61
tel. +386 41 606 083
Direktor: Veljko Popović
ZM-Montag Češka Republika
Malo prosenska 148
75121 Prosenice
tel. +42 073 4246 631
Direktor: ing. Santa Jozef