Who are we

We are among the leading construction and assembly companies with years-long experience in building most complex projects

We build visions

Owning several companies that together make up the Zagreb Montaža Group, our company has more than 900 workers and generates an annual income above 70 million euros. During more than 30 years of independent business, we have grown into a company capable of contracting and executing most complex projects in civil engineering and industry.


Our goal is to become a leading company for the manufacture and assembly of steel bridges, industrial plants, structures and pipelines, creating long-term relationships with our partners, through quality service based on our expertise, knowledge, skills and experience.


To provide clients with a level of service that will exceed their expectations, to maintain the highest level of quality and safety, and to provide our workers with an opportunity for training and development. We strive to establish trust and build excellent relationships with partners based on openness and honesty.


We seek to be honourable, honest and open, guided by strong moral and ethical convictions. Safety of workers will always come first as we strive to carry out projects without accidents. We want to gain the trust of our partners in us and in what we do.


Through various organisational forms, we operate on the domestic and foreign markets within large industrial giants such as "Braće Kavurić" and "Montmontaža SOUR Metalurgija".


The company “SOUR Monting” is founded, within which “OOUR Metalurgija” operates.


We commence operations under the name Zagreb-Montaža Ltd. for construction and maintenance of buildings and industrial plants.


The year of privatisation marks the moment in which we begin significant growth and development.


We restructure into the Zagreb Montaža Group.


We build and commence operations in the “ZM Vikom” production plant in Šibenik.


We move our offices to the Sky Office business building.