ZM Group

An internationally renowned corporate group with a decades long
family history

ZM Group

With more than 30 years of experiece in the implementation of the most complex projects in the areas of civil engineering and industry, both in Croatia and all over the European Union, ZM Group has established itself as the leading Croatian corporate group for the manufacturing and assembling of steel bridges, various steel structures and products, industrial plants, steel pipelines for the transport of oil, gas, water and steam. The core companies of the ZM Group are Zagreb-Montaža d.o.o., ZM-VIKOM d.o.o., and ZM- Industrijski servisi d.o.o. Zagreb-Montaža d.o.o. is the parent company of the ZM Group with a focus on the implementation of complex projects in the areas of bridge construction, pipeline construction and industrial plants in various industries forenergy production.

ZM-VIKOM d.o.o. is owned 100% by the parent company of the ZM Group. The core activity of the company ZM-VIKOM is the production of special steel structures and semi- finished products for Croatian and international business partners. The company is specialized for the manufacturing of light and heavy steel structures, especially bridges, undercarriages for semi-trailers, tipper superstructures, electrofilter components, components for gas purification and parts for rolling stock.

ZM-Industrijski servisi d.o.o. which is also owned by Zagreb-Montaža, is an agency for recruiting and posting qualified labour abroad. By developing the company ZM-Industrijski servisi, the ZM Group wishes to ensure an adequate number of qualified welders, locksmiths, fitters, as well as other qualified workers in order to enhance growth and development of business activities within the ZM Group and its partners in the future.