Social responsibility

Integrating social responsibility into our business reflects our commitment to ethical behaviour and concern for society
"We believe that we achieve success through dedication not only to the economic,
but also to the social and environmental aspects of our business operations."
We have integrated social, ethical and environmental responsibility into the core of our business, at the same time giving due consideration to the wellbeing of our workers and partners, as fundamental aspects of our business processes and strategies.

Ethical business operations

As a company that operates on the domestic and foreign markets, we believe that good level of information and the application of the legal frameworks of the countries in which we operate are essential for mitigating business risks and respecting the rights of clients and business partners. With the implemented ISO 9001 and ISO 29001 quality systems, we are continuously improving the quality of products and services. Each product is fabricated and installed, and each service is performed, in accordance with a defined specification or procedure, respecting the appropriate internal, national and international standards and regulations pertaining to quality, environmental protection and worker health and safety.

Caring for employees

Motivation and investment in employee knowledge are factors that significantly influence business performance. We therefore continuously provide our employees with development opportunities and encourage them to improve their competencies. In business operations, we are guided by the principles of human rights protection, respecting differences based on origin, race, gender and ethnicity, as well as by a sense of family life, fair remuneration and respect for the opinions of our workers. Aware of the importance of individual personal satisfaction and healthy interpersonal relationships, we create a positive and safe working environment for our employees.

Health and environmental protection

We hold ISO 45001 and SCCp certificates, which confirm our high standards of occupational health and safety. We act proactively by planning internal actions aimed at improving the health of employees, with the purpose of raising awareness among employees about preventive healthcare, emphasising the importance of active participation of each individual in the implementation of a particular segment. Aware of the industry’s impact on the environment, we continuously improve the quality of product and service delivery, thus taking care of managing our ecological footprint, which is supported by the implementation of the ISO 14001 environmental protection management system.