Waste Incinerator in Zuchwil

In May 2023, we completed the works on the Emmenspitz waste incinerator in Zuchwil, Switzerland. We were responsible for the installation of the steel structure, channels and equipment. The total weight of the assembled parts amounted to 2,871 tons. The annual processing capacity of the Emmenspitz incinerator is 221,000 tons of waste!

Hard-Fußach Bridge

We participated in the assembly of the steel structure of the Rheinbrücke Hard Fußach bridge. Zagreb-Montaža carried out the assembly of the bridge steel structure, as well as the longitudinal displacement of the Rheinbrücke Hard Fußach bridge with a length of 255.6 m, weight of 2,372,526 kg and bridge width of 19 m. The bridge […]

Sava Bridge

The interstate bridge over the Sava River near Stara Gradiška connects the Republic of Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, whereby in the Republic of Croatia it is situated on the expressway section Okučani – Bosnia and Herzegovina border.The bridge is 426 m long with a central span over the Sava River of 170 m. The […]